Benjamin Westlake

Blog 013

Volunteering in Paradise
Day 13
South Africa
2016, February 27th

Today we had the opportunity to go onto the Game Call and Feed, this involved us getting into the big truck, Bex and Marco had a massive bag of animal feed, they started to call the animals and surprisingly they all came running. It started off with a few then all seamed to be in a massive stampede!

In the afternoon we went too the shooting range with Glen Africs 'Anti Poaching Team' here we were given a brief talk about the history of weapons, an explanation on how to handle the different guns and then also a safety talk. One thing that I have come away with from this talk is that guns are not actually dangerous it is the people holding them!
After these talks we were allowed to fire the guns, we started off with the rifles. We fired from a range of distances away from the targets, surprisingly the closer you are with the rifle the harder it is to get on target! Then we moved onto the handguns, and then finally the shotgun!

Check back tomorrow!

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