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Volunteering in Paradise
Day 12
South Africa
2016, February 26th

This morning I went on my second Elephant walk at Glen Afric.
We arrived at the Elephant house, cameras in our hands smiles on our faces at 0650.
The Elephant handlers came out of their accommodation unlocked the chains on the gates for each Elephant. Using their trunks the elephants opened the gates for them selves! Such gentle giants but on the other hand such powerful creatures!
We walked from the Elephant across the bridge then just following behind the elephants, they know where the want to go! as they say an Elephant never forgets!
Arriving at the gate on the edge of the farm the Elephants just stand and wait, they know their routine. Once through the gate the Elephants take a right and go straight for the trees.
It is amazing to think and whiteness these creatures they can just go wherever they want with minimal effort. They just casually walk through the trees where as us humans are struggling to follow their footsteps.

In the afternoon we attended the Children’s Orphanage with Zoi. This children’s orphanage is ran by Milly, she has now 20 children in her care. In south Africa the government only support up to 6 children in care however social services keep bringing more too her.
We got a guide tour by the children, they seamed to be so happy and proud of where they are, all of these children go to school and have a safe home, however this home is currently rented, and being in South Africa the owners could just turn around one day and ask Milly and the children to move out at an instant.

Check back tomorrow!

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