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Croc City
Day 11
South Africa
2016, February 26th

Excursion Day

Each Thursday is an Excursion Day at Glen Afric for the volunteers. Each week you will go to a different place.
Today we went to Croc City.

We started off the morning as usual in the Elephant house, then after breakfast we got our bags and set off in the mini bus for about a 25 minute drive.
Arriving at Croc City it was an already warm 28'c, the sun was high and bright in the sky, walking through the gift shop we met our guide, he took us too the first area where he got out a Monitor Lizard, a baby crocodile, a baby turtle and a couple of snakes. These animals especially the snakes are not what you think they feel like, the snakes scales are smooth almost like it is just a layer of skin like other mammals, when you would expect them to be flaky and scaly.
He then took us outside to show us the bigger crocodiles and alligators although there were many babies in the enclosure too.

After lunch we go back onto the minibus, the sky went dark and the heavens opened, it was tipping it down! Joseph our driver even had to stop as he could not see!

Check out Croc City if you are ever near Johannesburg:

Check back tomorrow!

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