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Tiger Interaction
Day 10
South Africa
2016, February 24th

Animal Interaction Day!!

Today afterwards cleaning the Elephant house as we normally do each morning, as we left quarantine we were unaware of which animal / animals we were to be working with!... we all jumped into the truck,
Richard reversed up to the trailer and off we set, left towards the two male lions, passing them. Passing the two tigers and towards the Tiger cubs, could it be?..
Yes it is the two Tiger cubs, Pi and Jasmine.
Arriving at the training camp we all jumped out, left our stuff in the shade and entered the camp with out cameras and smiles.
The training camp is an area for the big cats to be exorcised, some people may think that it looks like a circus act, however it is far from that!
With animals living in captivity and being unable to be released into the wild they need to be exercised, even if this means encouraging them with meat.
We each had our protection stick, and one by one we lead a Tiger around the training area, jumping on and then down or across boxes to help keep these animals active.

Check back tomorrow!

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