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Walking with a Lion
Day 09
South Africa
2016, February 23rd

One of the most exiting things about this trip working with the animals, but this time.... The Lion Walk, we awoke ready for today, walking out of quarantine, ready with our cameras and most importantly our smiles! Walked over too the three sisters (Lionesses), trailer ready and they were loaded up, jumping one at a time into the trailer.
We all jumped into the back of the truck, drove for about 5-10 minutes and too a stop.
One Lioness comes out the back of the trailer (Video to be uploaded to Instagram in the next couple of weeks), all three would be too dangerous.
Rushing past our legs and she seams just like a gigantic house cat. one at a time you are allowed to walk upto her and give her a stroke, she even allows you to hold her tail whilst walking!!!

We walked about 2-3km with her until we arrived at a rock, she walked around the rock then climbed onto the top, and we are also able to take photos at this point!

I never though that I would ever have the opportunity to walk with such an amazing creature!!

Check back tomorrow!

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