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Arriving in Paradise
South Africa
2016, February 15th

After an 11 hour flight from London Heathrow (LHR) to Johannesburg (JNB), i have finally arrived!
Sun is shining brightly in the sky and i can feel the heat looking out of the window.
Passing into the arrivals area of the airport the heat seams to be rising, standing in a queue that seams to be never ending.
Finally I arrive at the Passport Control desk, stamp in my passport and ready to go!

Bags collected I walk out into arrivals and see the Volunteer Southern Africa (VSA) pull up display, this experience is now seaming like more reality instead of a dream.
I am the first of 6 new volunteers to arrive, I have a couple of hours on my hands.
After a couple of hours wait we are off, in the car and on our way to Glen Afric Country Lodge.

The scenery was amazing it feels like Africa! turning off a road onto a dirt track for which seams like an eternity we arrive at a gate, through we go.
Looking to my right I see an enclosure and too my surprise what do I see? only three lionesses, WOW!

We are met by two of the Team Leaders, Bex and Gav, what a mental pair! they are bonkers but i love it, they seam so at home here.
After signing our lives away and getting some goodies we make our way to our doom rooms, fans spinning on the ceiling but it is defiantly cooler than that of outside.
Quick shower and lunch and we are off too work...

We jump all pile into the back of this old style truck, can feel the heat rising from the metal bench and sides, and smell the petrol from the truck, off we go.
Looking around what can i see, only two Male Lions and OMG Tigers wasn’t expecting that!

Then we arrive, and ohh what is that? but a trailer full of elephant poo....
We are then told we have to get the poo off the trailer in the quickest time possible... the current record was just over 9 minutes.. yeah we didn’t make that time our was more 20 minutes..

Up for dinner and our orientation talk with Bex, watching the sunset over the balcony, WOW what an amazing site, in the horizon all i can see are mountains and the sun setting in the sky, so much orange filling!

Now off to bed... check in tomorrow!

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