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Upcoming Trip!!!
United Kingdom
2016, January 10th

South Africa 2016 is all booked and only 5 weeks away!

On the 14th February 2016 i will be traveling out to Johannesburg, South Africa to do some volunteering with Volunteer Southern Africa. I am going to be volunteering on the Living with Big Cats Project. Over the past couple of months i have been increasingly watching youtube videos, I subscribed to two youtube members Jon Watson and Hey Nadine. These two Youtubers have done various projects with Volunteer SA and i thought i would take the jump too!

Back in 2013 I went out on another volunteer project with Original Volunteers to Iringa, Tanzania. In this project myself and many other volunteers were helping local children, many of which had HIV or AIDS. Alot of these children were not able to afford to pay for an education, at a local school after hours we would put on lessons for these children so they could learn basic reading and writing skills.

I am very much looking forward to this volunteer project, and am counting down the days!