Care for Wild

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Care for Wild
South Africa
2018, November 14th

Over the past two weeks I have been in South Africa volunteering at the Largest Rhino Orphanage and Sancturary in the world, Care for Wild Africa.
Care for Wild has an agreement with Kruger National Park, where any Rhino poaching incidents the calves are brought from Kruger to Care for Wild Sancturary to be cared for and then rehabilitated and then released out into the felt.

The rhino poaching crisis in Africa is a true epidemic and Care for Wild is a conservation project on the frontline fighting to save these beautiful animals and prevent extinction of the species. Within the next 5 years there could be no wild rhino left in Africa and that is not a world Care for Wild ever wants to seeā€¦ The centre specialises in the rescue, care and rehabilitation, release and preservation of rhino calves that have been found orphaned/injured without their mothers in the wild and more often than not this is due to a poaching incident.

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