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Bali : Learning Web Design?
Bali, Indonesia
2016, December 7th

As the title says I have been learning Web Design and what a place to learn it than in luxuary in Bali!

Starting off in London Heathrow airport and finding out that I have had my plane ticket upgraded, ok.. well not to luxury business class but Premium Economy on British Airways, but hey it means that I get a bit more leg room, A hot towel and Champagne.

Flying into Hong Kong after a good 9 hour jouney I am definatly starting to feel tired, but I am stepping off into Asia for the first time.
Look at the view from the airport! A bit foggy but it will do.

Finaly touching down in Bali, I get through customs and wait, wait for my baggage... but unfortunatly it doesnt come.
I have to fill out forms have my passport and ticket photocopied and am told they will look into it for me..
Just my luck for them to loose my bags, so I only have the sweaty clothes that I am wearing and a couple of extra tshirts that I picked up in Hong Kong Airport.
I am picked up in the Airport by a guy called, Poetu. He took me to my accomodation by now due to all of the issues that I have had with my luggage it is pretty late, let alone my Jet Lag...
I am knackered. I can not work out how to turn the aircon on so tonight is going to be a long night...

Waking up with the Sun peaking through the curtains, feeling alot more refreshed than I did last night, Jump in the shower and ohh my god is that nice. Cold and refreshing, if only I had clean clothes.

Stepping out from my room the air hits me, it is warm! and its only 8am... I walk into the open living room and see a note from Tina for me to give her a call when I am up.
She has walked down from the main house to meet me and take me there, I am so ready for breakfast.
Walking along the little private road has some amazing views, the sounds are awesome too. All around is paddy fields so the sound of the trickling water is all abouts.
And there she is... the house... WOW...
I had already done some googleing but it is so much better than I had imagined.
The house is called The Palm House.
Look at that pool!.

Over the morning we go through the basics about web development and learning about different parts of how a website is layed out.
Feel like I have learnt so much already.
Lunch and Dinner were caitered for us by our private staff.. I feel like a millionair!
We even pop out on some of the evenings...
Tonight we went to La Laguna and I met the Travel Vlogger, Louis Cole...

Over the last couple of days we continue to gain knowledge and build little websites, but today we are starting our design of our main project sites...
Not sure what I want to do, thinking of a Blog Site for myself as I currently have one on SquareSpace.

This morning I awoke at around 5am to watch the sun rise over the paddy fields..

Once the sun comes up I just sit there watching the surroundings, the farmers prepairing their fields.

With all of this project planning done and multiple sites created. Emile gives me the offer of creating a site for him:
And that is how it went.
I have really enjoyed this trip and it has bean something different, I have had a real learning curve and an eye opener at what you can do in the world.
The people that I have met on this experience have been amazing!
Everyone comes from all over the world, with different lives, alot of them who are enspiaring Digital Nomads.
And the staff are very insparational, they are living their dreams.
The experiences that I have been on on this adventure I dont think I will forget for a long time!

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