Benjamin Westlake

Blog 016

Big Cats Interaction!
Day 16
South Africa
2016, March 1st

This morning we had another opportunity to work with the three Lionesses in the training camp, Very similar to what we did with the Tiger cubs and also the Lionesses last time, However these animals each time can have completely different personalities! Today was no exception, one of the Lionesses seamed to have so much energy, however she tired quite quickly. Lions compared to tigers can be very stupid, Lions follow the meat stick always thinking that there is meat on the end but Tigers will only follow it if they can see the food!

After lunch and a bit of work we went on a game drive around the farm, felt like such a tourist at this point, eagle eyes looking for the different animals.
Learnt at this point that Giraffes chew their food and regurgitate it and then chew some more then do the same again 3-4 more times.... Lovely

Check back tomorrow!

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