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Blog 007

Volunteering in Paradise
Day 06
South Africa
2016, February 20th

Another Animal Interaction Day Ahead

Started off in the morning we are cleaning out the Elephants as we have been doing for the past couple of days, Sam comes over too us and tells us to stop as she has a surprise for us… These surprises keep on coming and they are all equally awesome as each other!
We are told to grab a stick from the bucket, this can only mean one thing… Big Cat interaction, we are split into three, we follow Sam to the three Lionesses enclosure, one group and a time enters the enclosure are we can pet one of the lions. Such soft fur and such massive animals! This was yet another awesome surprise!

After breakfast we are off to work, grabbing some wood from the wood store and we have a challenge to make a new area for the guinea pigs, one team cleans up the area and the other has to build some shelter / activities for the animals. Quick break for lunch then back to work, we made a hutch for them others made a tunnel.

For this evening we went to the same place we had our campfire at, projector was setup, pizza to eat and watching deadpool, quiet chilled way to end the day!

Goodbye for now, check back Monday as Sunday is chill day!

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