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Excursion Day!
South Africa
2016, February 18th

Excursion Day!
It is defiantly getting hotter! Today we were supposed to have highs of 36'C and boy did it reach that!

After last night a few of us are feeling a little bit worst for ware... but we must get on with our morning duties, word of advice, don’t drink too much the night before knowing that you have to clean up elephant poo in the morning... it really doesn’t feel good!
After a cooked breakfast which was very much needed we are off for the weeks excursion... A Monkey Sanctuary and the Cable Car..

Monkey Sanctuary : We are told we have to wait in the gift shop / cafe area for about half an hour, we all grab a chair, others grab a coffee, our guide Lewis arrives and gets a couple of photos of our group stood in front of a plastic monkey. We enter through a double gated area, and its just so peaceful and tranquil, tropical trees all around the place and just a wooden planked path too follow. These monkeys are lucky for this home! a lot of the Monkeys in this sanctuary have been rescued and rehomed from people having them as pets to people training them to pick pocket others, why cant those people realise that they are wild animals and should not be kept as pets.
Wondering around the Sanctuary we see loads of the different Monkeys one even grabbed my finger when I was holding my hand towards it! Such a lovely animal and can see that we as humans are very similar too them!

Cable Car : Back in the mini bus for about a 10 minute drive, passing over the dam and looking both to my left and right, such an amazing view, can only imaging at this stage what it would be like from the top! Pulling into the car park looking up and wow that cable car is steep.. Off we go only 6 in a car at once, it starts off slow then it accelerates up we go.
This view of us going up is immense! what a site.
We reach the top and stand on the wall overlooking the scenery waiting for the others. Photos are taken of everyone stood on the wall with a ginormous drop behind us, but what a stunning view!

Sign off time now, Check back in tomorrow!

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